Photos from the Field

As a company we are thrilled to be working with lots of amazing non-profit organizations who are distributing Sawyer filters around the world.  These organizations are changing lives through the provision of clean water.  Currently our filters are being used in over 70 countries!

Today we would like to post a few photos from the field that give a glimpse into the incredible work our non-profit partners are doing.


The above photos were posted by I Thirst International.  A team of I Thirst International staff just returned home from a trip to Nicaragua.  During their brief trip, they were able to provide clean water to over 750 people!


These photos are from MAP International.  The left photo was taken in Ecuador and the right in Uganda.  In Uganda, MAP requires the filter recipients to put in labor hours into their communities to earn the filters and have a sense of ownership of the filters.

2013-07-17_0003The above photos are from Just One Foundation.  This organization began providing Sawyer filters last year and they focus on unreached communities in Kenya.

Thanks to all of our partners for their efforts and passion to provide clean water to those who truly need it.



Filters are Ready for Delivery!

In previous blog posts, we have given updates about filters being delivered to Compassion International sponsored families.   Sawyer is currently working on a Compassion International order in El Salvador.

This is our first order in that country and we are so excited to be working with new distributors who are facilitating the order as well as to be able to provide life-giving Sawyer filters to 1,000 new families in El Salvador!

A couple weeks ago the filters arrived.  Here is a photo of the filters in storage.

Filters in Storage

Buckets are purchased and ready to be assembled with the filters.

Buckets in Storage

El Salvador team working on assembling the filters.



More updates will be coming as our team is in the process of delivering these filters to Compassion families!

Friday Favorite Photos

Here are some of our favorite photos from the week, enjoy!

Testing the Sawyer Squeeze Filter in Nepal.

Filter testing in Nepal

Filter deliveries to over 2,500 Compassion International sponsored families in Uganda are now completed!

Caregivers and children posing for a group photo after receiving their buckets

This church in Uganda now has access to clean water thanks to Generation with a Mission.


E3Empower created a village water center in Brazil using this Sawyer filter installation.

Filters attached to drums

Happy Friday!

How to Assemble and Maintain the SP180T

In a previous post we demonstrated how to assemble and maintain the SP180 PointOne Filter with Bucket Adapter Kit.

Sawyer now offers a new model of this unit called the SP180T.  This model now incorporates the Squeeze Filter with the Bucket Adapter Kit.

Now the filter not only can attach to the bucket for a gravity system, it can be attached to a Sawyer Squeeze Pouch or a plastic bottle!

Check out this video which demonstrates the filter technology as well as how to assemble and maintain the filter.


Have any questions about the SP180T?  Please leave your questions in the comment box below.

Friday Favorite Photos!

This week filters continue to be delivered to Compassion International sponsored families in Uganda.

Large filter delivery.


Beginning the assembly process of attaching filters to buckets.


Education and training.

Caregivers being addressed by CSP Implementer about taking care of the buckets

Happy filter recipients!

caregivers with the buckets

We love these photos because they truly show the joy of the families as they will now have daily access to clean water.

Can you tell why these are our favorite photos of the week?

Happy Friday!


Sawyer on TV!

Check out the first TV commercial of Sawyer in Spanish!  This short clip was put together by Sawyer’s international distributor in Colombia, Octavio Mejia.

Octavio Mejia started SAWYER Colombia in 2012 and has done a tremendous job of bringing the Sawyer brand to South America.

Here is a photo of Octavio demonstrating Sawyer’s PointOne water filters.

And here it is…Sawyer’s first Spanish TV commercial!

Sawyer Colombia Commercial

Filters in Uganda!

Sawyer’s international distributors continue to deliver filters to Compassion International sponsored families.  Our distributors assemble the filters to buckets and travel to various locations within their country to provide the filters.

Sawyer distributors educate the filter recipients on how to use the filter, how to clean the filter, the importance of clean water, etc.

Here is a glimpse of a distribution that took place last week in Uganda.

water report (3)

Thank you Compassion for investing in the lives of your sponsors through the provision of life-saving water filters!

Traveling for Clean Water

On this Monday morning we wanted to share an inspirational photo from Just One Foundation.

This organization is dedicated to improving the lives of those living in poverty, specifically widows and orphans.

This photo shows a group of people who traveled for 3 hours from their small island to receive Sawyer filters.  They will be taking these filters back home to share the clean water willingly with their neighbors.


Thanks for posting this photo, Just One Foundation, and thanks for your commitment to giving hope to those living in poverty.

More photos to come shortly from Just One Foundation’s recent trip to Kenya and their distribution of filters!

Holiday Deliveries

Even over this busy Christmas season, Sawyer’s international distributors in Uganda are hard at work.

Hundreds of filters are being distributed to Compassion International sponsored families throughout the country.

Here are a few photos of the filters being assembled as well as the distribution process.

staff demontrating to caregivers how to assemble the buckets

water filter delivery truck

caregivers with buckets 2

See the smiles of joy!  Clean water for Christmas is one of the greatest gifts one could receive.

caregivers with the buckets

To learn more about Compassion International, visit a previous post describing their work.

Thanks for following our blog, we hope you are enjoying this special holiday season!

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