Photos from the Field!

Today we wanted to share some of our favorite photos we’ve received recently from a few of our non-profit partners.  We are so thankful to all of our partners who are providing access to clean water for those who need it most!

DCIM139GOPROWater 4 Life Ministry– Mozambique

KenyaBoyFilterShotJust One Foundation– Kenya

2013 SF waterOM Ships International– Cambodia

UgandaI Thirst International– Uganda

Happy Wednesday!


NEW Sawyer Mini Filter Video!

Check out our brand new video highlighting the new Sawyer MINI water filter!


The Mini is our lightest, most versatile, and lowest cost filter yet at $24.99.
This filter is rated up to 100,000 gallons of water, weighs only 2 ounces, and can be used on Sawyer squeeze pouches, attached to bottled water, as a personal drinking straw, inline on a hydration pack, and more.
SP128 Side
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The New Sawyer Mini!

The Sawyer Mini is now in stock and available for purchase!  To purchase the Sawyer mini, go to this link.

Here are a few photos demonstrating how versatile the new Sawyer mini is!  To learn more about the function of the mini, check out this previous blog post.

If you have any questions regarding the new Sawyer Mini, please leave a comment below.








Meet Ugandan Water Project!

Meet one our of non-profit partners, Ugandan Water Project (UWP)!  UWP is a humanitarian organization that focuses on providing rain catchers to rural communities in Uganda, Africa.  They also utilize Sawyer filters to provide clean and safe water.  Their goal is to help Ugandans pull themselves out of poverty in a sustainable way.

Different teams from Ugandan Water Project make frequent trips to Uganda and always capture amazing photos during their visits.  We would like to share a few of their photos on the blog today!

Enjoy a glimpse into the work UWP is doing in Uganda!

UgandanWaterProject- SP131




Filter,Nalgene Shot

Group Shot by Bore Hole

If you are interested in learning more about the work that Ugandan Water Project is doing, check out their website here!

Filters in Togo, Africa!

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, Compassion International, a child sponsorship organization, is one of our partners and they raise funds to provide Sawyer filters for their sponsored families.

Currently Sawyer’s representatives in Togo, Africa are assembling and delivering a few thousand filters to Compassion’s sponsored families in Togo.  Our Sawyer representatives train the families how to assemble and maintain the filters and teach the importance of drinking and using clean water.

These photos have been taken over the past couple weeks.  Enjoy a behind the scenes look at a filter distribution in Togo, Africa!











Announcing the Sawyer MINI!

We are so thrilled to announce a brand new product, the Sawyer MINI Filter!

The MINI is ultra light and weighs only 2 ounces!  It is incredibly long lasting and can filter up to 100,000 gallons from any freshwater lake, stream, or river.  The Sawyer MINI filter is effective as it has the same exclusive 0.1 Micron Absolute Hollow Fiber Membrane filter used in other Sawyer filters.  To read more about the technology, click here.

The ways the new MINI can be used:
1. Use as a personal drinking straw
2. Use attached to the included squeeze pouch
3. Use attached to bottled water bottles
4. Use inline on a hydration pack

The MINI will be available to purchase in the fall.

Mini Announcement!

Sawyer’s Amy Stead showcasing the Mini at Outdoor Retailer 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Photos from the Field

As a company we are thrilled to be working with lots of amazing non-profit organizations who are distributing Sawyer filters around the world.  These organizations are changing lives through the provision of clean water.  Currently our filters are being used in over 70 countries!

Today we would like to post a few photos from the field that give a glimpse into the incredible work our non-profit partners are doing.


The above photos were posted by I Thirst International.  A team of I Thirst International staff just returned home from a trip to Nicaragua.  During their brief trip, they were able to provide clean water to over 750 people!


These photos are from MAP International.  The left photo was taken in Ecuador and the right in Uganda.  In Uganda, MAP requires the filter recipients to put in labor hours into their communities to earn the filters and have a sense of ownership of the filters.

2013-07-17_0003The above photos are from Just One Foundation.  This organization began providing Sawyer filters last year and they focus on unreached communities in Kenya.

Thanks to all of our partners for their efforts and passion to provide clean water to those who truly need it.


Before & After

Today we’d like to share some of our favorite “before & after” shots of filtered water.  These photos have been shared by a few of our NGO partners who are working in several countries around the world.


Just One Foundation– Kenya


Push the Rock & Messiah College– Costa Rica


Give Clean Water– Fiji


Iglesia Del Camino– Guatemala

Question:  Have you ever filtered water that was as dirty as in the photos above?  Tell us about your experience using Sawyer filters by leaving a comment below.