Photos from the Field!

Today we wanted to share some of our favorite photos we’ve received recently from a few of our non-profit partners.  We are so thankful to all of our partners who are providing access to clean water for those who need it most!

DCIM139GOPROWater 4 Life Ministry– Mozambique

KenyaBoyFilterShotJust One Foundation– Kenya

2013 SF waterOM Ships International– Cambodia

UgandaI Thirst International– Uganda

Happy Wednesday!


NEW Sawyer Mini Filter Video!

Check out our brand new video highlighting the new Sawyer MINI water filter!


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SP128 Side
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Behind the Scenes of a Filter Distribution

We are so fortunate to have had this video created which gives a behind the scenes look at a filter distribution in Kenya.  This video introduces Sawyer’s distributor in Kenya, Rose Wambua, and demonstrates what a distribution of filters to Compassion International sponsored families looks like.

Each distribution takes a lot of effort and planning.  Sawyer’s international distributors arrange all of the transportation, assemble the filters to the buckets, provide clean water and filter training to the recipients, and psychically deliver all of the buckets and filters to the families.

Enjoy this behind the scenes video!

Traveling for Clean Water

On this Monday morning we wanted to share an inspirational photo from Just One Foundation.

This organization is dedicated to improving the lives of those living in poverty, specifically widows and orphans.

This photo shows a group of people who traveled for 3 hours from their small island to receive Sawyer filters.  They will be taking these filters back home to share the clean water willingly with their neighbors.


Thanks for posting this photo, Just One Foundation, and thanks for your commitment to giving hope to those living in poverty.

More photos to come shortly from Just One Foundation’s recent trip to Kenya and their distribution of filters!

Holiday Deliveries

Even over this busy Christmas season, Sawyer’s international distributors in Uganda are hard at work.

Hundreds of filters are being distributed to Compassion International sponsored families throughout the country.

Here are a few photos of the filters being assembled as well as the distribution process.

staff demontrating to caregivers how to assemble the buckets

water filter delivery truck

caregivers with buckets 2

See the smiles of joy!  Clean water for Christmas is one of the greatest gifts one could receive.

caregivers with the buckets

To learn more about Compassion International, visit a previous post describing their work.

Thanks for following our blog, we hope you are enjoying this special holiday season!

8 Filters + 2 Schools = Healthier Students

Happy Friday!

Today we would like to share some photos of Sawyer filters in action in Zimbabwe.

An organization called Rutendo Zimbabwe placed eight filters into two schools.  This organization is dedicated to helping provide access to clean water and education to the people of Mapanzure, Zimbabwe.

One school that received Sawyer filters


Drilling bucket to attach filter

Drilling bucket

The assembled filter

Set up

Adding dirty water to bucket


Dirty Water

Filtering dirty water


Tasting clean water!


A primary purpose of implementing Sawyer filters in these schools is to reduce the number of absences due to water-borne illnesses.  Access to clean water improves students health, reduces the # of days absent from school, which ultimately leads to a better education and a brighter future!

To learn more about Rutendo Zimbabwe and their vision, please visit their website:


Filters in Ghana

This past week, Sawyer’s distribution team in Ghana began assembling hundreds of  filters to buckets.

These filters are being assembled for an organization focused on child advocacy called Compassion International, who provide filters to the families of their sponsored children.

This year, over 5,000 Sawyer filters will be provided to families in Ghana who are in need of access to clean water.

Here are some photos of the assembly process that took place this past week:

Currently, Sawyer has international distributors in over 20 countries.  Sawyer partners with several non-profit organizations and our international distributors are able to deliver filters for these organizations in the countries where they operate.

If you are ever traveling with a relief or missions team to another country and would like to pick-up filters in country rather than traveling with the filters, please contact Stacey at

Check out this video which highlights a family who received a filter from Compassion International in Rwanda: